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Jodi June is an artist based out of South Florida. Born and raised in the New England area, Jodi moved to South Florida while in her late teens. Classically trained, she seized the opportunity to train under prestigious artists such as Nancy Gambone and Edith Ritchen, who received their training from great masters.


Jodi evolved into her own style which mimics the way she sees the world. Jodi studied and received her degree at the University of Florida and has been the recipient of numerous awards as a result of her fine arts training. Her works have been exhibited at many events, including showings at the James Hunt Barker Gallery, Wally Findlay Gallery in Palm Beach and premieres for TV shows (B.L. Stryker) among other exhibitions. Currently some of her pieces are at Imperial Frame Gallery.


Jodi June is a finely trained and imaginative artist whose works are in both gallery and private collections, nationally and internationally.


The artist invites you to look past the line and color and to join her on a journey of emotion, whimsy and the joy of life.

Member of Delray Art League

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